It’s Feeling Not a Thing May 24th, 2015 by Cherie Ray

redshoesIt’s a feeling not a thing.  The great job, the loving partner, the sanctuary home, like-minded friends, red-soled shoes, sassy car, the robust bank balance, the newest gadget, the paradise vacation, you can name it but these aren’t it.  In our culture, it’s suggested that things will bring us the experience we most seek in life.  The lovely goodies do bring a buzz and momentary joy but does it last? 

If you’ll look beneath your wish list and ask yourself, “what do I believe this will bring me?” that’s where the gold nugget exists.  If it’s the sassy car, maybe you think it will show the world that you’re successful.  Maybe the great job suggests you really are smart.  Maybe the loving partner proves you are worthy and loveable.  Maybe the abundant bank balance will help you feel secure.  This all makes sense when you believe your experience is a direct result of what’s going on outside of you.

While it makes sense from what we’ve been taught, it’s not true.  Bummer, huh?  The good news is, your most desired experiences are generated from inside you the bestrather than from outside of you.  While all of the goodies of life are fun and enjoyable, the distinction is to know your most desired experiences are not dependent on whether your wish-list of goodies appear in your life or not.  Those desired experiences are available to you now, right where you are.  They live in your current state-of-mind.  You have many experiences to choose from.  Which one do you want to take off the shelf today and take for a test drive?

Let me know what you choose?  I’d love to hear from you!

The Last to Board the Soul Train February 4th, 2015 by Cherie Ray

Hello Creatives,

Are you in the midst of a transition or longing to take a leap of faith?  Oftentimes, our inspirations are first met with ‘resistance thinking’ pushing back.  This thinking offers up all the reasons why stepping forward is a scary event; suggesting imaginary booga-booga consequences if you move in your inspired direction.

Recently I heard Robert Holden say these words, “The ego is never ready to do the Soul’s work.”  When I heard him say this, it resonated with me.

A few weeks later, as I was taking a walk, I received an insight that tweeked what I’d originally heard.  It showed up like this,

“The ego is never ready to follow the Soul’s lead.”  This felt like a dead-ringer for where I was at the moment.  This wisdom continues to hang-out with me.

If you’re playing with a decision to move on an inspiration, consider this insight.  I believe a helpful consideration in moving forward is realizing, the ego may be the last part of you to board the train.

Let me know what you think……




I would love to hear from you about your inspirations and moving with them!

Inviting New to YOU! January 22nd, 2015 by Cherie Ray

ensembleHello Creatives,

 Good morning!  All week I’ve been drawn to invite you to play more with your innate creativity.  When I’m drawn to do something, I follow that inclination because I know; it’s the lead I want to follow. 

 Innate Creativity is the energy that animates your being-ness.  All of that sounds pretty woo-woo but what I want to make very clear, is you’re naturally creative and that’s the way we’re built.  The only thing that separates you from this flow are thoughts to the contrary.

 What I’m drawn to invite you to do, is to commit to two things through the end of February.  First, I just want you to notice how often you say NO to yourself.  When ideas or inspirations come up, notice if you receive them with open arms or default to why it’s not possible for you. 

Secondly, I invite you to commit to creating something new every day.  It doesn’t matter what you create.  You may create a new ensemble from what you already have in your closet, you may create a sandwich, you may create a drawing, a luncheon event with someone new, etc.  Who knows?  Create anything from beginning to end once a day.sandwich

Why commit to creating something new each day?  To become very familiar with how easy it is.  Opening the gates and being more receptive to this current of innate creativity will bring you aliveness, new ideas, and a wonderful sense of play.  What have you got to lose?

Warmest wishes,


Happy New Year! January 1st, 2015 by Cherie Ray

??????????????????????????????It’s here!  Another year has come and gone and we are on the verge of launching 2015?

In welcoming a new year, you have an opportunity to review your seating arrangement in the world, to check-in on your orientation. What direction are you facing?

 Recently, I heard Sue Monk Kidd, the author of one of my favorite books, The Secret Life of Bees, say that, what you perceive to be true will be your experience in life. This woke something up in me as I was making a list of requests and intentions and prayers for my new year.

I was sitting in the garden with my yellow legal pad and favorite pen and here’s my list of what I choose to orient my life to in 2015:

  • LOVE  – How can I see, live, give, experience it in a bigger way?
  • Adventure – How can I experience adventure like never before.
  • Openness – How can I stay fresh-minded…to know nothing for sure.
  • Letting my heart lead (even when my mind is sure it knows what’s the best direction).

The next step?  Let it go.  Letting my perceptions go about how and what this will look like in my life lets the Truth in.  I also made the request to see my perceptions of fear, sooner rather than later.  Fear is a part of life but it’s not permanent and doesn’t need to be taken so seriously.

The invitation to orient your life to what matters most to you is always available. If your mind pulls you in the direction of fear or limitation, I invite you to let LOVE weigh heavier on the needle of your compass for 2015. Where there’s LOVE, there’s magic, mystery and a large dose of compassion.  I invite you to take a few minutes to refresh your list of what you want to see in life from where you’re sitting. If your list warms and opens your heart to possibility, I feel you’re looking in the direction of LOVE.

Thank you very much for sharing your lives with me. I look forward to seeing you live your dreams in 2015!

Moving through moods. We all have’em. April 1st, 2014 by Cherie Ray

Dear Friends.

In many coaching sessions, clients are questioning what happened or what they did to cause someone to over react. At times like these, take a breath and connect to the truth that their reaction is not about you. Let them own their own reaction by not assuming you did something wrong or that there’s something wrong with you.

In the Human Beings Owner’s Manual that we never received, it informs us that everyone comes in and out of periods of secure thinking and insecure thinking (moods). When we bump into someone who is in a low mood, reactions happen. The same situation can occur when someone is feeling very secure and a completely different reaction will appear. A client recently transcribed a portion of our conversation. Hopefully, this will offer further explanation:

“Every human being has insecure thoughts and will see them as real, and will feel them as if they are occurring. Our emotional states will reflect the feeling and our behavior will follow.”

“We can become aware of our own insecure thoughts and realize that the feelings, which are based on those thoughts, are 100% temporary! We can chose not believe our insecure thoughts and instead unhook from anything that is not occurring in this present moment.”

“The people that are around us carry their own bag of thoughts which they perceive as real. But we must reach the point in our own evolution where we choose not to be concerned with the mental wranglings of others.”

When we realize that everyone is moving through their own thinking, we can connect with more compassion for ourselves and for others. When we hold compassion and understanding, we are in direct connection to possibilities not seen before.  P.S.  Give yourself permission to not make decisions when you are in a low mood.  The good mood will arrive soon and that’s when you want to make decisions.

Relax, spring is arriving and every moment is full of pure potential.



Extract the Love and Toss the Rest February 23rd, 2014 by Cherie Ray

On February 14th we all celebrated the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day.  Today, I invite you to sweeten the taste of your experience.

HiResYou ask, “How can it get any sweeter?”  By relieving yourself of anything that is not love from your history.  The past is fertile ground where we store old thoughts, resentments, hurts, thoughts of how it should have been, how they should have been, or how you should have been.

When you’re open to seeing things differently, you’re not letting anyone off the hook.  You’re letting yourself off the hook.  You’re allowing yourself to clear the static that separates you from living fully and passionately.

You say, “Ok, sure, right, but how?” Make a conscious shift by moving no more than 1 degree from your current position.  This means shifting just a little and orienting your position of the situation in a new direction.  What if all it took was to be willing to see it in a new way or choosing to look for the love that was there.  When you are willing and open, you receive a shift in consciousness.  This shift in consciousness is all it takes to experience life in a new way.  When a shift in consciousness occurs, you receive insights.  Insights come to you, you don’t need to go find them.  Here’s a hint, insights come from a clear mind, not by grinding on thoughts.  So, take a break, do something that clears your mind, i.e. a walk, sit in nature, yardwork, clean the refrigerator, watch a movie, etc.  Relax and allow your mind to get clear.

With willingness and a clear mind, insights will come.  Before you know it, you will be living with more connection to everything you love.  You will see things differently.  Differently, could be seeing all of the past from Universal Truth instead of only your personal truth.  Universal Truth is LOVE.

Here’s to living the feeling of LOVE everyday!


Fun Rituals to Celebrate the New Year! December 30th, 2013 by Cherie Ray

Dear Friends,

Are you looking for a few rituals to ring in the New Year that offer no hangovers or drunk-dialing?  Here are three, I highly recommend.

Part 1

On New Year’s Eve, take time to look back over the year and make a list of major events, gathering into your heart all the gifts you’ll take away from those experiences.

-Then, make a list of those things you are ready to release so you can start the year with a clean slate, making ample room for vibrant creative energy to live in you for the whole year.

-When you have your list of things you wish to release, you can either place those beliefs and emotions in a glass of water and pour it onto the Earth or write those thoughts on paper and burn them. Whichever method you choose, ask the Great Creator to fill you with abundant energy and great wisdom for the coming year.

Part 2

On New Year’s day relax and nurture yourself and then on Jan 2nd, spend time in meditation, writing a list of things you desire to bring to fruition in 2014.

Part 3-Back to the Future

On January 3rd, imagine that today is the last day of December, 2014. You’re preparing for the New Year, and are looking back on all the extraordinary things that happened in your life during 2014.

On a piece of paper, begin “remembering” the best things that happened to you and for you in 2014. Do you remember the thrill you felt as you took your first drive in that new car? Wasn’t it amazing when you got the call about the new career opportunity! Wasn’t that trip to unbelievable!   Wasn’t it incredible when you created a new program that generated $20,000 in increased sales for the 1st quarter of 2014? Remember the time when I decided to take more time for myself and there were no consequences? Wasn’t it great when I felt safe even when things around me felt shakey? Wasn’t it amazing that I felt compassion for myself even when I did something I wish I hadn’t?

Let me know what you think about these ideas. I wish you a wonderful New Year filled with more peace and joy then you could ever imagine.



Be Open to the Magic December 24th, 2013 by Cherie Ray

622x350Dear Friends.

As I sit to write a message of holiday greetings to send you, I’m moved to share an experience that happened to me this weekend.  The experience sums up my holiday wish for you.

I was invited to watch my friend, Phylliss, offer her gift of liturgical dance at an Advent celebration for the Dominican Family.  When I arrived I decided to choose the last seat on a row that was filled with other guests.  As I sat next to this woman, she shared her story with me.  She was a retired nun and her career had been based in the creative arts.  She proceeded to share with me how her work was not based on making art but supporting people in connecting to God through creating.  She didn’t care what they used, pencil shavings, egg shells, etc.  I said, “Really.”  She continued to share the philosophy of her life’s commitment.  I was in awe.  When I shared with her what my life’s work was, she smiled and said, “It’s no coincidence that we are sitting next to each other!”

In my prayers following our conversation, I thanked the great Creator for gifting me the opportunity to connect with Sister Carlita.  It personified to me how many different paths there are in life with the intention to converge to the same destination.

This holiday season I invite you to be open to the magic that surrounds you.  We are all on different paths hoping to end up at the same destination.  May this season evoke compassion, appreciation, and connection with the person sitting next to you!

Happy Holidays!


Love and Tell the Truth August 7th, 2013 by Cherie Ray

photo (6)Recently, I had the good blessing to meet Ram Das.  I was in Maui for my Master Integral Coach Training with Alan Cohen and Alan arranged for us to spend a morning at Ram Das’ home.  We were told we were going on a field trip and the destination was going to be a surprise.  We were given hand written driving instructions.  When I pulled into the driveway, a big smile came to me when I read the license plate frame on the car in front of me.  It said, “I’d rather be here now.”  I said, me too!  It was real, we were going to meet with Ram Das.  We were welcomed into his home as if we were long-awaited welcomed guests.

There are so many things I would like to share with you about this experience.  Here are just a few.

His heart was so clear that his eyes sparkled like glitter.  When he described meeting his teacher , Neem Karoli Baba, he described the feeling of experiencing unconditional love for the first time.  As he connected to his experience, through the telling of his story, he began to weep as if it happened yesterday.  His heart was still so touched by his experience.

His teacher told him to always love everybody and to tell the Truth.  He admitted this was not an easy assignment but he would do his best.    It sounds so simple but also an assignment with a lifetime to complete.

One of the ways he practices to always love everybody is to put a persons photo or name on his altar and pray to love them.  He said there have been many people that have had a place on his altar for extended periods time.  I thought this was a wonderful idea.  What higher intention could we offer but to love those we don’t understand or find challenging?  The whole idea suggests relaxation instead of conflict.  I’ll take more of that any day!

altarWhen we had finished our time together he offered a prayer to us that I would like to share with you.  “May you see yourselves as souls.  May you all remain in the moment.  May you all swim in the ocean of love.  Yeah!”

It was a great experience that I continue to integrate.  To feel abundant and generous love is nourishing on many levels.



Seeking Energy? June 5th, 2013 by Cherie Ray

wantedDo you find yourself wanting more energy? More life in your life? Here’s a great solution for gaining an abundance of energy without sweating, stretching or messing up your hair.

Do a detox, a ‘Complaint/Judgment Detox.’ Here’s how it works. For 21 days, refrain from speaking negative judgments and complaints. Stop, just stop letting the negative comments fly out of your mouth.

You’re probably saying, “I’m not a negative person. I don’t complain or spout negativity like most people I know.” No worries, I had the same thought! You will be amazed at the number of times you catch yourself. You will gain two things. You will gain awareness about what you are saying and you will stop the energy that’s draining out of your body. As a result of your experiment you will find there is more energy available to you. This precious energy will free you up to enjoy other things. You will have the spaciousness in your mind to receive new ideas, inspirations, and opportunities for play. Who doesn’t want that?

With the Complaint/Judgment Detox, your goal is to go 21 days without speaking negativity. If on day 17, you let it rip. OOOps, too sad for you, begin again at Day 1. No worries about restarting your process. It will probably take more than a few false starts to get your habitual mind on board.  Have fun with this process.

I would love to hear how this works for you!