First Responders: Noticing and Getting Curious January 9th, 2018 by Cherie Ray

first responder1Recently I noticed that when I considered following a new idea or inspiration about my business, some very familiar thinking would show up almost instantly.  I also began to notice the same dynamic kicked-in when considering the holidays or thinking about other things in my life.

What I noticed was a flood of very real familiar thinking, very specific to the topic at hand, would show up in my mental conversation.  This immediate-believable-absolute-feeling-seemingly-truthful flavored thinking showed up almost on que to tell me the truth about how life works.

As I noticed this dynamic happening more and more, these thought patterns occurred to me as my First Responders.  Just like emergency first responders that show up on the scene to support us in times of need, these familiar thinking thought patterns show up on the scene to offer me a helpful dose of my reality.  Something smelled fishy; my mental 1st Responders had a bias toward limitation.  I found this interesting too!

In the game of life, if you look around, the nature of life is synonymous with potential and possibility.  How could something live in my head, be so familiar, feel so definitive, and not be true about life? In understanding more about our human operating system, we live in a world of thought and then see it as real, so this is where my curiosity kicked in again.  If my First Responders are not telling me the absolute truth about life, what else is there to see to around the topic I’m looking at?  So, it occurred to me to consider there are holes in their stories and to keep my eyes and ears open to seeing something fresh.  Guess what?  New fresh possibilities are coming to me and it can work the same for you.

first responderHere are some bullet points to raise your awareness to your First Responders:

¨1st Responders are not informing you about how life works.  It’s informing you of how you believe it works.

¨1st Responders are reflecting your habits of thinking.

¨1st Responders are not informing you of what’s possible for your in life.

¨1st Responders are a mirror to your current mood.  High mood, things look possible.  Low mood, things look bleak.

¨1st Responders look real and feel true.  Remember, this is all happening in your mind, not in life at the moment.  For example, a busted water pipe in the mind is very different than a busted water pipe in front of you.  The one in front of you is really happening and calling for your immediate attention. The other only exists in the mind but it still feels real.

¨You may always have the same 1st Responders show up on the scene for you, whether they’re historic or futuristic, remember they are still not occurring now.

first responder1This is all good news. Why? Because we all get a chance to see more of our humanity as just that, an aspect of being human. Not a problem that needs to be overcome, just something to be aware of.  The more you see the role of thought in the moment, the more relaxed you effortlessly become.  Get curious.  There’s always more to be seen.

New Ideas with No Ideas Where They’re Going February 16th, 2017 by Cherie Ray

newIdeas and inspirations are natural and to be expected.  Why?  Because all human beings innately have the ability to get fresh information about anything.  It’s not magic but it is mysterious how it appears, without effort, out of the blue!


Since it’s built into us to get new ideas (from the place where all new comes from), what’s the best way to foster these babies?  The best way is to stay out of the way!  As human beings we get something fresh and then we start gathering expectations on how it should go, what to do with it, how it should play out.  Innocently, we hijack something that is brand new and try to apply our old ways to execute the new idea.  We feel like we know a timeline for when this idea should become a reality.  Wandering into this territory could have a warning sign, STOP-No Trespassing.  When we tread in our expectations, our fresh ideas get stale.


Want to try a new way, especially a way that offers more ease and less struggle?  Stay oriented in the direction of what’s fresh and follow the spark.  Without judgment, do what occurs to you to do next.  Then repeat again and again.  Even if the next action appears to be unrelated to the new idea.  Before you know it, something has been created or this exploration has brought you to something even more special for you to experience.

Stories & the Actions that Follow August 17th, 2016 by Cherie Ray

propelDear Friends, 

With all the divisiveness and unusual happenings occurring around us in recent times, I often wonder how to affect change or make a contribution.  It occurred to me to start right here where I am.  This idea showed up.

“The most dangerous weapon we possess are the stories we play in our minds which propel our actions.”

Who knew stories were so compelling? Sometimes, it gets amusing and sometimes NOT, how many stories I become aware of and live from.  Fasting from sugars and starches may be rewarding to our physical bodies but  I’m finding that fasting from my stories are introducing me to things I never knew existed, for me.  From this awareness, our every action becomes a contribution.  The best we can do with our humanity is to give it a try.  Sometimes we can do it and sometimes we can’t.  Again, we meet our humanness around every corner.

Wishing you a wonderful day!



Extract the Love and Toss the Rest February 23rd, 2014 by Cherie Ray

On February 14th we all celebrated the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day.  Today, I invite you to sweeten the taste of your experience.

HiResYou ask, “How can it get any sweeter?”  By relieving yourself of anything that is not love from your history.  The past is fertile ground where we store old thoughts, resentments, hurts, thoughts of how it should have been, how they should have been, or how you should have been.

When you’re open to seeing things differently, you’re not letting anyone off the hook.  You’re letting yourself off the hook.  You’re allowing yourself to clear the static that separates you from living fully and passionately.

You say, “Ok, sure, right, but how?” Make a conscious shift by moving no more than 1 degree from your current position.  This means shifting just a little and orienting your position of the situation in a new direction.  What if all it took was to be willing to see it in a new way or choosing to look for the love that was there.  When you are willing and open, you receive a shift in consciousness.  This shift in consciousness is all it takes to experience life in a new way.  When a shift in consciousness occurs, you receive insights.  Insights come to you, you don’t need to go find them.  Here’s a hint, insights come from a clear mind, not by grinding on thoughts.  So, take a break, do something that clears your mind, i.e. a walk, sit in nature, yardwork, clean the refrigerator, watch a movie, etc.  Relax and allow your mind to get clear.

With willingness and a clear mind, insights will come.  Before you know it, you will be living with more connection to everything you love.  You will see things differently.  Differently, could be seeing all of the past from Universal Truth instead of only your personal truth.  Universal Truth is LOVE.

Here’s to living the feeling of LOVE everyday!


Be Open to the Magic December 24th, 2013 by Cherie Ray

622x350Dear Friends.

As I sit to write a message of holiday greetings to send you, I’m moved to share an experience that happened to me this weekend.  The experience sums up my holiday wish for you.

I was invited to watch my friend, Phylliss, offer her gift of liturgical dance at an Advent celebration for the Dominican Family.  When I arrived I decided to choose the last seat on a row that was filled with other guests.  As I sat next to this woman, she shared her story with me.  She was a retired nun and her career had been based in the creative arts.  She proceeded to share with me how her work was not based on making art but supporting people in connecting to God through creating.  She didn’t care what they used, pencil shavings, egg shells, etc.  I said, “Really.”  She continued to share the philosophy of her life’s commitment.  I was in awe.  When I shared with her what my life’s work was, she smiled and said, “It’s no coincidence that we are sitting next to each other!”

In my prayers following our conversation, I thanked the great Creator for gifting me the opportunity to connect with Sister Carlita.  It personified to me how many different paths there are in life with the intention to converge to the same destination.

This holiday season I invite you to be open to the magic that surrounds you.  We are all on different paths hoping to end up at the same destination.  May this season evoke compassion, appreciation, and connection with the person sitting next to you!

Happy Holidays!


Seeking Energy? June 5th, 2013 by Cherie Ray

wantedDo you find yourself wanting more energy? More life in your life? Here’s a great solution for gaining an abundance of energy without sweating, stretching or messing up your hair.

Do a detox, a ‘Complaint/Judgment Detox.’ Here’s how it works. For 21 days, refrain from speaking negative judgments and complaints. Stop, just stop letting the negative comments fly out of your mouth.

You’re probably saying, “I’m not a negative person. I don’t complain or spout negativity like most people I know.” No worries, I had the same thought! You will be amazed at the number of times you catch yourself. You will gain two things. You will gain awareness about what you are saying and you will stop the energy that’s draining out of your body. As a result of your experiment you will find there is more energy available to you. This precious energy will free you up to enjoy other things. You will have the spaciousness in your mind to receive new ideas, inspirations, and opportunities for play. Who doesn’t want that?

With the Complaint/Judgment Detox, your goal is to go 21 days without speaking negativity. If on day 17, you let it rip. OOOps, too sad for you, begin again at Day 1. No worries about restarting your process. It will probably take more than a few false starts to get your habitual mind on board.  Have fun with this process.

I would love to hear how this works for you!

Say YES to the….. August 26th, 2012 by Cherie Ray

Have you considered what you’re saying YES to? I decided to adopt this inquiry as a practice to become more aware. At any point in my day, I would check in and ask, “Am I saying YES to this?” By allowing myself to own my part of everything I was experiencing, I began to see how much I was saying YES to things I wouldn’t consciously choose. For example, the first day I started this practice, I noticed a pile of papers on the corner of my desk that had been there for longer than I could remember. As this pile caught my attention I realized I must be saying YES to this chaos because it’s here and I’ve done nothing about it. Before I knew it, the pile of papers, that had made camp on my desk oh so long ago, was gone, easily and effortlessly. I enjoyed the delicious burst of energy this experience brought me, so I focused on asking myself this question often. At that moment I realized I was gearing up for a lifestyle up-grade.

You have a perfect modern day example of this concept in the reality TV show, Say Yes to the Dress.  The show demonstrates the energy behind the choices we make. Watch it sometimes to see what you think. If you want more passionate energy in your life or you want to live more in your purpose become aware of what you’re saying YES to. The show is all about finding the perfect wedding dress. The brides come to the store on a mission to find ‘the one’. They bring their attendants, their family members, their future in-laws, etc. The bridal consultant listens to the ideas from the bride and her posse. Here is where the lesson begins. The bride tries on the selected dresses and then presents the gowns to her audience. Everyone in her group has an opinion about the selections. Too often this barrage of opinions unsettles the bride’s original vision of herself and her gown. Emotions rise as the quandary of what dress to choose grows into epic proportions. The bride has a vision, the parents have a vision, the attendants have a vision and they share their likes and dislikes with the bride. When she considers the selections from the others in the group, the loss of enthusiasm is palpable. Now the bride is at the cross-roads of choosing what she loves and what the others love. You can see it in her face. When the bride considers choosing a dress, other than her favorite, her energy drops. When she puts her selection back on, her energy shifts up dramatically. You and every viewer of the show can see how ‘the one’ lights her up. It is so obvious that the consultant and her boss glance at each other, pause, approach the bride with the ritual of asking, “Are you saying Yes to this Dress?” This ritual shows the magic of saying YES to what is right for you. You can do the same thing in your life for every choice you make. It’s your vision. Like the bride and her gown, you choose from what lights you up. It is your birthright.

When I started this practice, I couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have on my life. The inquiry bled into the judgments I was carrying about how I would interact with my family, friends, and clients. What was once OK was no longer acceptable. A surge of energy arrived carrying new ideas, projects, and an upgrade in self-care. If we truly live in a YES Universe, where what we say YES to is mirrored back to us, I am a poster child for the cause. I kept imagining myself standing on the riser with the bridal consultant and her boss staring at me and I would hear them ask, “Are you saying YES to…..?” YES, I am saying YES to what brings me energy. Open the door to an up-grade and be surprised. Try it and see how it works for you.

Take a few moments each day to nourish your spirit.  You will be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

Creativity for All Your Ages July 13th, 2012 by Cherie Ray

You know that everything about Creativity excites me.  It excites me because it is a vehicle to experience and realize TRUTH.  Not the truth your thoughts or culture feed you, but the TRUTH that God or Spirit would feed you, in order to live a joy-filled life.

This week 2 stories about amazingly creative people caught my eye.  They demonstrate how allowing your creative energy to be expressed can change your life for a better experience.   Another aspect I appreciated was the range of ages:  Katy Perry at 27 years and Ellen Burstyn at 79 years.  Expressing your Creativity serves you at every age of your life.

Katie Perry-Part of Me, The Movie

This is a fun movie which demonstrates when you are loyal to your creative expression your life changes.

“Be yourself and you can be anything.”  Katy Perry, 27 years


Ellen was asked, what ignites your creativity?

“Almost anything — I’m creative in my garden, I’m creative in my house, I’m creative with my camera, when I teach, on stage or film or television, I’m creative when I write. I realized at a certain point in life the whole point of drinking and smoking dope and all those other sins was to kill off all of this creative energy. I had too much energy and I didn’t know what to do with it so I kept putting myself in a daze. But I finally realized that it was creative energy and I had to do something with it, so I started photography and wrote a memoir and planted a garden and designed my house. And when I started using energy in a creative way I had no interest in tamping myself down with alcohol and drugs.”

Explore what you can do to release your creative energy.  Where do you begin?  Follow your highest excitement or any activity you are drawn to do.  Remember, it doesn’t need to make sense to you or to anyone else.  You’ll know it when you feel.  You will be refreshed and renewed.

Ellen Burstyn, 79 years


June 17th, 2012 by Cherie Ray

“Creativity is a heart action. Intuition in motion!”

Don’t Miss this! January 12th, 2012 by Cherie Ray

If you have plans to be in Dallas soon, don’t miss The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk at the Dallas Museum of Art through February 12, 2012. The curation of the exhibit is as interesting as the works!