Where is Aliveness? October 17th, 2017 by Cherie Ray

It’s fall!  It was very exciting to step outside this morning and feel a hint of fall.  With the change of weather it occurred to me how that seems to stimulate an awakeness to life.  All of a sudden any feeling of stuckness goes to the back and aliveness comes to the fore front.  Aliveness is a topic that fascinates me and seems to show up in the majority of my coaching client’s desires for seeking support.


My curiosity about about aliveness brings me many insights.  Why?  Because I’m looking in the direction to see more.  When we give our mind an assignment it seems to put in the coordinates, like GPS, and begins to serve up fresh information.


What has appeared true for me recently is that aliveness exists in engaging in life at the speed of life.  Not living in my thinking about living, but about showing up in life and engaging with what’s next for me to do.  It fascinates me on how our thinking can stall us from living.  This may be common in most human beings but it’s not helpful.  My invitation to you is to engage, regardless of what seems to be stopping you.  ENGAGE!  Let it be simple. Let it be easy.  The engaging will bring a new perspective, not what’s accomplished and acceptable to the mind. I promise.  It’s in the engaging that aliveness and fresh perspective appears.

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