New Ideas with No Ideas Where They’re Going February 16th, 2017 by Cherie Ray

newIdeas and inspirations are natural and to be expected.  Why?  Because all human beings innately have the ability to get fresh information about anything.  It’s not magic but it is mysterious how it appears, without effort, out of the blue!


Since it’s built into us to get new ideas (from the place where all new comes from), what’s the best way to foster these babies?  The best way is to stay out of the way!  As human beings we get something fresh and then we start gathering expectations on how it should go, what to do with it, how it should play out.  Innocently, we hijack something that is brand new and try to apply our old ways to execute the new idea.  We feel like we know a timeline for when this idea should become a reality.  Wandering into this territory could have a warning sign, STOP-No Trespassing.  When we tread in our expectations, our fresh ideas get stale.


Want to try a new way, especially a way that offers more ease and less struggle?  Stay oriented in the direction of what’s fresh and follow the spark.  Without judgment, do what occurs to you to do next.  Then repeat again and again.  Even if the next action appears to be unrelated to the new idea.  Before you know it, something has been created or this exploration has brought you to something even more special for you to experience.

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