Dating with Nothing on It! January 30th, 2017 by Cherie Ray

Hello Friends!
datingFor full disclosure, I’m writing this as an observer while learning so much about my experience of life.  I’ll do my best to make this brief.
I have a friend who is back in the dating scene.  One night, she finds herself having a great, more than great…a fabulous time, having dinner with a new friend.  As the evening progressed he says he’s never had such a great time on a date.  (Zoom in)  She hears this and freaks out!  A date?  I thought I was having dinner with a friend?  She quickly observes her own reaction.  She realizes if she had known this was going to be a date, she would have been incredibly nervous!  Since she didn’t think of this outing as a date, she was relaxed and open with no expectations about who she should be and who he should be.  She was present in the moment having an effortless amazing time!
What’s up with that?  What I saw about her experience brought me to consider how much awe and ease could be in my world if I didn’t have a notion about what to expect from life, moment-to-moment.  Relationships, friendships, career, business, new inspirations, and life would be experienced from an uncontaminated place.  I’m curious about how much life and connection I would feel without my filters of expectation and life experience.  Each moment is brand new, created in the moment, with no need to create it in my mind first.  I’m realizing this is where awe and genius live.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this,  Let’s keep the conversation going.
Warmest wishes,
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