2016-Kurt Vonnegut and a Big Bang Beginning! December 30th, 2015 by Cherie Ray

kurt2016 is here!  How did that happen?  I’ve been conducting a very unscientific survey with people from ages 7 to 97 years of age.  Asking if 2015 seemed to pass super quickly.  The answer has been YES from every person asked.

With the welcoming in of a new year, how do you want to spend 2016?   I invite you to engage with life at the most natural level.  By creating.  Creating brings NEW into your world.  It brings surprises and gifts that you didn’t know you possessed.   It’s an invitation to dance with potential and possibility with nothing to loose!

This wonderful video, Make Your Soul Grow, “A letter from Kurt Vonnegut to Xavier High School, read by Ian McKellen” says it all!



Wishing you a glorious and soul-filled 2016!


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