Happy Valentine’s Day! February 15th, 2018 by Cherie Ray

Hello Friends~

glittery heartThis morning the sweetest message came to me, out of the blue,  “We came from LOVE, we are LOVE, and we will return to LOVE.”  It was my Valentine from the Divine.

It appears to me to be a response to a recent inquiry with God about how my mind makes determinations, conclusions, and assessments.  In addition to these assessments, they have a convincing tone while simultaneously feeling true.  I find myself drinking the Kool-Aid of my own thinking as if it were the true definition of how life works.  As a result, I am filled with a YUK feeling.

What appears to be TRUE to me now, is that my mind is not a reliable source of news.  If it feels painful or critical, I must not be seeing things clearly.  There must be a lack of understanding somewhere because if I came from LOVE and I am LOVE, it would feel loving.  This creates a natural curiosity for me to listen for what I’m not hearing, looking for what I’m not seeing, and reminding myself that my thinking is not a reliable source of TRUTH. 

I hope that you are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day experiencing all types of LOVE!

Sending love,


First Responders: Noticing and Getting Curious January 9th, 2018 by Cherie Ray

first responder1Recently I noticed that when I considered following a new idea or inspiration about my business, some very familiar thinking would show up almost instantly.  I also began to notice the same dynamic kicked-in when considering the holidays or thinking about other things in my life.

What I noticed was a flood of very real familiar thinking, very specific to the topic at hand, would show up in my mental conversation.  This immediate-believable-absolute-feeling-seemingly-truthful flavored thinking showed up almost on que to tell me the truth about how life works.

As I noticed this dynamic happening more and more, these thought patterns occurred to me as my First Responders.  Just like emergency first responders that show up on the scene to support us in times of need, these familiar thinking thought patterns show up on the scene to offer me a helpful dose of my reality.  Something smelled fishy; my mental 1st Responders had a bias toward limitation.  I found this interesting too!

In the game of life, if you look around, the nature of life is synonymous with potential and possibility.  How could something live in my head, be so familiar, feel so definitive, and not be true about life? In understanding more about our human operating system, we live in a world of thought and then see it as real, so this is where my curiosity kicked in again.  If my First Responders are not telling me the absolute truth about life, what else is there to see to around the topic I’m looking at?  So, it occurred to me to consider there are holes in their stories and to keep my eyes and ears open to seeing something fresh.  Guess what?  New fresh possibilities are coming to me and it can work the same for you.

first responderHere are some bullet points to raise your awareness to your First Responders:

¨1st Responders are not informing you about how life works.  It’s informing you of how you believe it works.

¨1st Responders are reflecting your habits of thinking.

¨1st Responders are not informing you of what’s possible for your in life.

¨1st Responders are a mirror to your current mood.  High mood, things look possible.  Low mood, things look bleak.

¨1st Responders look real and feel true.  Remember, this is all happening in your mind, not in life at the moment.  For example, a busted water pipe in the mind is very different than a busted water pipe in front of you.  The one in front of you is really happening and calling for your immediate attention. The other only exists in the mind but it still feels real.

¨You may always have the same 1st Responders show up on the scene for you, whether they’re historic or futuristic, remember they are still not occurring now.

first responder1This is all good news. Why? Because we all get a chance to see more of our humanity as just that, an aspect of being human. Not a problem that needs to be overcome, just something to be aware of.  The more you see the role of thought in the moment, the more relaxed you effortlessly become.  Get curious.  There’s always more to be seen.

Where is Aliveness? October 17th, 2017 by Cherie Ray

It’s fall!  It was very exciting to step outside this morning and feel a hint of fall.  With the change of weather it occurred to me how that seems to stimulate an awakeness to life.  All of a sudden any feeling of stuckness goes to the back and aliveness comes to the fore front.  Aliveness is a topic that fascinates me and seems to show up in the majority of my coaching client’s desires for seeking support.


My curiosity about about aliveness brings me many insights.  Why?  Because I’m looking in the direction to see more.  When we give our mind an assignment it seems to put in the coordinates, like GPS, and begins to serve up fresh information.


What has appeared true for me recently is that aliveness exists in engaging in life at the speed of life.  Not living in my thinking about living, but about showing up in life and engaging with what’s next for me to do.  It fascinates me on how our thinking can stall us from living.  This may be common in most human beings but it’s not helpful.  My invitation to you is to engage, regardless of what seems to be stopping you.  ENGAGE!  Let it be simple. Let it be easy.  The engaging will bring a new perspective, not what’s accomplished and acceptable to the mind. I promise.  It’s in the engaging that aliveness and fresh perspective appears.

Where Limitation Lives…. October 5th, 2017 by Cherie Ray

Have you ever wondered where limitation exists in your life?  This has became so obvious to me lateley that I felt the need to share.
Recently, I have been surprised by the notion of just showing up in life regardless of my preferences and perceived capabilities.  It occurred to me, to move with the flow of life and to

not micro manage its unfoldment.  Participating in life this way has found me in situations I would never have chosen, even avoided, because I knew I ‘didn’t have it in me’. What I’m seeing is that I have no clue what I’m capable of. Secondly, showing up in situations I would have avoided at all costs has brought opportunities for a very rich feeling. What I’m trying to explain is that I see how my thinking has held a formula for meaningful experiences, what I was capable of, and where good feelings come from. In this formula there was a correlation between ‘pleasant’ and my desired good feeling. I’m surprised how an unexperienced rich feeling can come from engaging in life, not the situations I prefer.  It has also become screamingly apparent that any notion of who or what I am and limitations in my life only exist in my mind.


Give ‘moving with life with what’s being offered’ a try.  I would love to hear about your experience.

Squirrels-Living Discouragement Proof July 18th, 2017 by Cherie Ray

squirrel3Hello Friends,

On Saturday, I was sitting at my computer and something caught my eye.  As I looked up, I saw my bird feeder swinging largely from left to right.

At first I thought someone had walked by and pushed it because it was swaying so big.  As I looked closer, I saw a squirrel working its way up the trunk, getting in position to take another giant leap at the feeder.  With the focus and precision o

f Evel Knievel, the squirrel poised itself and took the leap of faith, again.  Still no success.  But this isn’t the e

nd of the story.  With no hesitation the squirrel goes into action again.

As she maneuvered her path back up the tree, it occurred to me that there is one universally specificdetail that separates squirrels from humans when living life.  This is the notion of discouragement.  They don’t have it, humans do.

Maybe you don’t have those moments of wondering, how life got to look this way, and how people aren’t supposed to be that way, and that was not supposed to go that way, yada yada ya.

It occurred to me that if I didn’t entertain what passed through my mind, in those moments of disbelief, much less ruminate on them, discouragementouldn’t exist and neither would my suffering about how things appear!

In an instant, two things became clear.  If I was less influenced by what charged through my mind in times of insecurity, I would have more fun, live with more inspiration, and try everything, without hesitation.

I hope to see you soon!




P.S.  She eventually made it and enjoyed her lunch!

Consistently Buying a Ticket on the Train to Crazy Town February 28th, 2017 by Cherie Ray

Where do you go when you’re not here in the moment?
I don’t know about you but I find myself in Crazy Town.  I named the place where I go when I’m living from my thinking and not in the moment, Crazy Town.  I find myself there much more than I would like to.  It appears to me to be universally natural for human beings to not be living in their life, in real time, but in their perception of life as they’re seeing it in the moment.  We seem to be more familiar with the limited nature of life, as seen through our mind’s eye, than the true limitless nature of life’s possibilities.
I noticed how frequently I over think the most benign actions in life.  Recently, I saw the gap between responding in the moment and when I think I should respond. I noticed this on something as simple as returning a phone call.  Instead of picking up the phone to return a call, I’d find myself considering best time to call, etc., etc., etc., ! It wore me out reflecting on the amount of energy I used responding to the minutia of life. Now I’m practicing responding in the moment, with less considering, and my life feels lighter just by doing this one simple thing.
This is what looks true for me:
  1. Leaving the moment and living from my thinking is universal to all human beings.
  2. We’re living from our thinking more than we’re responding to life as it’s happening in the moment.
  3. The stuff my mind makes up in the moment is very compelling but not always true about this moment in time.
  4. The stuff our minds make up, appears to have the flavor, texture, and feeling of being real and true.  How can something feel so spot-on be so inaccurate?
  5.  When I’m outside the moment and in my thinking, it’s like perusing Netflix.  It can be a wild ride.  There’s horror, adventure, romance, comedy, and drama.  When I’m in the moment I just do the next thing there is to do. Whether it’s brushing my teeth, taking a step, or making a call.

Living life in real time brings a natural sense of lightness, ease, and hopefulness.  Fortunately, I’m laughing at my humanness more and more.  I’m noticing how often I’m not in the moment and how consistently I’m buying a ticket on the train to Crazy Town.

I would love to hear if any of this is true for you!

New Ideas with No Ideas Where They’re Going February 16th, 2017 by Cherie Ray

newIdeas and inspirations are natural and to be expected.  Why?  Because all human beings innately have the ability to get fresh information about anything.  It’s not magic but it is mysterious how it appears, without effort, out of the blue!


Since it’s built into us to get new ideas (from the place where all new comes from), what’s the best way to foster these babies?  The best way is to stay out of the way!  As human beings we get something fresh and then we start gathering expectations on how it should go, what to do with it, how it should play out.  Innocently, we hijack something that is brand new and try to apply our old ways to execute the new idea.  We feel like we know a timeline for when this idea should become a reality.  Wandering into this territory could have a warning sign, STOP-No Trespassing.  When we tread in our expectations, our fresh ideas get stale.


Want to try a new way, especially a way that offers more ease and less struggle?  Stay oriented in the direction of what’s fresh and follow the spark.  Without judgment, do what occurs to you to do next.  Then repeat again and again.  Even if the next action appears to be unrelated to the new idea.  Before you know it, something has been created or this exploration has brought you to something even more special for you to experience.

Dating with Nothing on It! January 30th, 2017 by Cherie Ray

Hello Friends!
datingFor full disclosure, I’m writing this as an observer while learning so much about my experience of life.  I’ll do my best to make this brief.
I have a friend who is back in the dating scene.  One night, she finds herself having a great, more than great…a fabulous time, having dinner with a new friend.  As the evening progressed he says he’s never had such a great time on a date.  (Zoom in)  She hears this and freaks out!  A date?  I thought I was having dinner with a friend?  She quickly observes her own reaction.  She realizes if she had known this was going to be a date, she would have been incredibly nervous!  Since she didn’t think of this outing as a date, she was relaxed and open with no expectations about who she should be and who he should be.  She was present in the moment having an effortless amazing time!
What’s up with that?  What I saw about her experience brought me to consider how much awe and ease could be in my world if I didn’t have a notion about what to expect from life, moment-to-moment.  Relationships, friendships, career, business, new inspirations, and life would be experienced from an uncontaminated place.  I’m curious about how much life and connection I would feel without my filters of expectation and life experience.  Each moment is brand new, created in the moment, with no need to create it in my mind first.  I’m realizing this is where awe and genius live.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this,  Let’s keep the conversation going.
Warmest wishes,
P.S. If you’re looking for some fun this weekend, come over and explore Intuitive Painting on Saturday.  We have a fun community of explorers!

Stories & the Actions that Follow August 17th, 2016 by Cherie Ray

propelDear Friends, 

With all the divisiveness and unusual happenings occurring around us in recent times, I often wonder how to affect change or make a contribution.  It occurred to me to start right here where I am.  This idea showed up.

“The most dangerous weapon we possess are the stories we play in our minds which propel our actions.”

Who knew stories were so compelling? Sometimes, it gets amusing and sometimes NOT, how many stories I become aware of and live from.  Fasting from sugars and starches may be rewarding to our physical bodies but  I’m finding that fasting from my stories are introducing me to things I never knew existed, for me.  From this awareness, our every action becomes a contribution.  The best we can do with our humanity is to give it a try.  Sometimes we can do it and sometimes we can’t.  Again, we meet our humanness around every corner.

Wishing you a wonderful day!



What excites you about travel? April 18th, 2016 by Cherie Ray

travelRecently, I had the opportunity to ask this question to a group of intuitive painters who were discussing their upcoming travel plans.  One person was talking about visiting Egypt, another about her plans to see Japan, and another about her spring break in Portland.  As the conversation unfolded, it occurred to me to ask, what excites you about travel?  They looked at me with heads tilted and eyes squinted as if I were clueless.  It was as if I had asked a question with the most obvious of answers.  Here’s what they said:  to see something they’ve never seen before, to have new experiences, to explore, to have more adventures, and to be surprised. From where I sat, all of these answers pointed to the same thing, a journey into the unknown.

As I listened to their answers it occurred to me how funny it is that our minds can hold the same idea in two distinctly different ways. When anticipating the unknown through travel, the departure date can’t get here soon enough.  When anticipating the unknown through creating, we recoil as if there’s a reason to run.  As B.B. King once sang, the thrill is gone!   In both situations we’re still stepping into the unknown.  Maybe what’s really on offer here, is to not take our state of mind as a barometer of what’s real.  It’s a fickle-pickle that is inconsistent, fleeting, and illusory.  It may carry the tone of an expert but that’s not a reason to take it seriously.  Like the weather in Texas, it will soon change.

If you want to explore a different side to the unknown there’s no need to travel 6,000 miles.  Those same goodies are waiting for you on the blank page.  Creativity invites you into the adventure of seeing something new, exploring, having adventures, and being surprised.  One of the best perks offered through creating is the opportunity to get very comfortable with stepping into the unknown.  The unknown is never as scary as it once appeared.  You transform your experience of the unknown into one of curiosity and wonder.  Much like travel, the more you show up, the more is revealed and experienced.